Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Dear World,

Please stop asking me details about the "real" King Arthur, then arguing with me when I say he's a mythical figure and that if there is any historical basis, we're better off talking about King Arthurs, plural.

If you want to insist there's some real bona fide King Arthur and that I'm wrong, fine, but don't insinuate that I'm part of some grand conspiracy to hide the truth from the world.

I mean, really, what purpose would there be in hiding that? And no channeling Geoffrey of Monmouth by saying it's to keep the Welsh down, because I frankly couldn't care less between the Welsh and the English.



  1. Oh man! I suppose that the next thing you'll be telling us is there was no Pope Joan!

  2. I am not a professional medievalist or even a professional college academic, but I enjoy your blog and your sense of humor.

    J. D.

  3. Ah, Historical Arthur...it's amazing how this comes up...my latest, just this week, was someone touting some book they'd read about how Arthur was a Scotsman and all his battles in the north. Made me laugh.

  4. Your Blog is amazing!! Thanks a lot for sharing!!

  5. ...because I frankly couldn't care less between the Welsh and the English.

    Now that's the statement that will really bring in the indignant letters. You might as well call the Scots Irish.

    It was nice knowing you ;-)