Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Morning Medieval Miscellany

It'll take me a long time to clear out this backlog, so let's get started!
Well, there's much more, but Google Reader just started acting up, so more later.


  1. Concerning The Hobbit films, I'll note that their director, Guillermo del Toro, posts fairly often to this forum at, where also one contributor was the internet's leading analyst of the Tolkien Estate's lawsuit against New Line films, which threatened to stop The Hobbit from being filmed before it was settled this week.

  2. Dr Nokes - thank you for the link! And I appreciate your comment in today's blog. My site has been up since July - had planned to have more things going by now, but the summer went quickly and school started too soon.
    I enjoyed your articles on Dragon*Con - perhaps some day I will be able to join in the activities!