Monday, October 26, 2009

French = Medieval Terrorists

Though I take his point in this article on the Battle of Agincourt, I doubt the French will appreciate the comparison to al Qaeda -- or maybe that was the point of the comment?

Even if you take away Agincourt, the English will always have an abiding love of insulting the French to unite them.


  1. Anne Curry's recent book implies that it was the English -- heroic old H V -- whose massacre at Agincourt made them look like the Turks at Nicopolis (1396 -- some French survivors were at Agincourt).

  2. Yea, the al Qaeda mention does seems rather gratuitous. The bit that gets glossed over in that article (though it's briefly mentioned at the end) is that Henry needed Agincourt to be a 'moral' victory against impossible odds to help secure his rule in England. The propaganda value of Agincourt for Henry V, and later for the Tudors, makes the chronicle sources on the battle pretty suspect (though I doubt the English will give up their national myth any time soon). On the face of it, I think Curry's sources look much more reliable.

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