Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Wordhoard LIVES!

In my efforts to upgrade the Wordhoard with the latest techno-stuff, I kinda crashed the site with nasty java scripting (whatever that is. I'm just a parrot repeating what I'm told). After a few days my minion Nina was able to bring the Wordhoard back from the dead ... she's a sort of cyber-necromancer.

Here's the upshot for the time being:
1.) No #medieval Twitter feed. Messing around with that was where I did bad stuff.
2.) Comments will still not appear on the front page. Methinks Nina's still working on that one. To me, that's the more important of the two -- the kind of detail that made the Wordhoard a public space rather than just my own innane natterings.

Anyway, three cheers to Nina (and her husband Michael) for all their technohelp over the last few days. Oh, yeah, Michael helped me pick out a netbook! For those of you who are more comfortable with medieval manuscripts, think of a desktop computer as a folio, a laptop as a quarto, and a netbook as an octavo. I've got a new electronic octavo.


  1. Anonymous2:03 PM

    Cyber-necromancer! That's going on my resume.

    Yes, I'm still working on fixing the comments. Blogger does not make it easy, but I'm sure I can fix it.

  2. I know the feeling. Good luck with fixing the comments!

    I just bought an electronic octavo too! Unfortunately, because it was the only one left in stock, the model I got is bright pink. Very bright. I have named him Percival, in an attempt to bolster his manliness, but I don't think he's impressed. At least no one (male) will try to steal him.

    Of course, the advantage these have over a real octavo is that you can connect them up to the screen, keyboard and mouse of a folio and use them as if they were folios, with the resultant lack of eye pain. I wonder why no manuscribes ever came up with that trick...