Wednesday, December 30, 2009

What Santa's Elves Wrought

This year I didn't get a lot of medievalist gifts (I'm now at that age when I'm genuinely excited to get socks) but Santa's elves did make me something special at his workshop: A custom-made chainmail bow tie.

Of course, this was quality elf workmanship (workelfship?), but if you like what you see here and want something similar, I've heard rumors that Chained Elegance consults with the North Pole. They're the same outfit Allegra Torres gets her stuff from.

So what about all of you? What exciting medievalist gifts did Santa bring you? Any cool new books? Games? Recreational garb? If it's something that has to be seen to be appreciated, go head and send me an image and I'll try to post it.


  1. Santa brought me three absolutely perfect gifts:

    DRAGON AGE: ORIGINS for the XBox 360
    ASSASSIN'S CREED II for the XBox 360


    The Official Chuck Norris Fact Book: 101 of Chuck's Favorite Facts and Stories

  2. Anonymous3:25 PM

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Chainmail bow tie! I guess you will only have to ask the trolls, dragons and orks to "Please only aim for my neck, below my chin, and no where else. Thank you."

    This makes my geeky-girl heart swell with delight.