Tuesday, February 02, 2010

A Passive-Aggressive Post for Google Reader

Dear Google Reader,

Please stop re-marking all my read posts as "unread" so that I have hundreds and hundreds of old posts to wade through every day, making it impossible for me to keep up on the news. Weeks of dealing with this stupidity has left me out of all the latest happenings.

For example, I just found out today about the threat to the King's College London Paleography Chair, something the rest of the medievalist world has apparently known about for a while. In fact, I just joined the "Save the King's London Paleography Chair" Facebook group about two minutes ago.

I love you Google Reader, but sometimes I don't know if you requite my feelings.



  1. And I thought I was the only one speak to 'machines' as if there were really an intelligent life form in there.

  2. Oh-ho, a facebook group for it. That is something I CAN do, as I rather doubt the authorities at King's care much for the opinion of an Australia MA student in Canada.