Thursday, July 22, 2010


As some of you know, the Wordhoard has been in hibernation as I worked out various problems, particularly the connection with new social networking sites and some other conceptual issues. I'd become worried that the Wordhoard's identity as a meeting place between the popular and the scholarly was no longer tenable, that blogs were becoming an outdated medium.

So, today I'm beginning a process that will likely take some weeks: the re-emergence of the Wordhoard, more closely intertwined with new ways of accessing information online. Most of the content will be of the sort you've grown used to, some old features will wither away (RIP: Morning Medieval Miscellanies), and I plan to develop some new features.

I invite you to "Like" the Wordhoard on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and generally just beam medievalism directly into your brains in whatever ways are technologically possible. For now, the wall on the Facebook page is wide-open for your own posts and commentary on all things medieval, and I'll keep it as open as possible unless spammers, trolls, and other Grendel-kin become a problem.


  1. Welcome back sir!!!

  2. Glad you're back, Scott. Maybe I can use the return of the Word-hoard as motivation to get back to blogging. I've been kind of depressed at the state of medieval blogging (and the blogosphere in general), which, it seems to me, has retreated to coteries and mutual back-scratching when it hasn't disappeared altogether (A Corner of 10th C Europe being the exception). Maybe having Word-hoard back will change some of that.