Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Humidity and Bald Eagles

First, in this article about the Little Ice Age and Medieval Warm Period, do the findings about moisture mean that, in Europe during the MWP, people first began saying, "Yeah, it's hot, but it's a dry heat"?

Second, exactly what role did the North American bald eagle play in the Middle Ages on the Isle of Wight? Seriously, like why did they have the eagle there at all? It seems rather like having llamas or kangaroos.


  1. Matthew M.9:51 AM

    You're assuming they don't also have llamas and kangaroos?

  2. You don't remember the famous "charge of the llamas" at the Battle of Standard? William le Gros's nigh invulnerable Llamavallier's shattered the Scot ranks.

    Then there was the famous "Joey Ride" of the Siege of Calais. While many, erroneously, believe that it was squalor and starvation that drove the city to surrender. Those people neglect the recent archeological discovery of kangaroo hip bones discovered recently in a sink hole where the swamps surrounding the city once were. It is now known that it was King Edward's Pictish kangaroo riders, and their ability to jump the walls of Callais, that led the city to surrender -- even as King Phillip was beginning to destroy the invading English army.

  3. Congratulations!! I completely enjoyed the book.