Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Woruldhord Project Launched

Good news! The long-awaited Woruldhord Project (no relation to the Unlocked Wordhoard) was just launched.

It is with great pleasure that we would like to announce the launch of the Woruldhord collection, a set of free reusable resources to help with the teaching/study of Old English and the Anglo-Saxons. The project ran from July-October 2010, and asked academics, museums, and members of the public to submit - via a website - material that had to do with the period that they wouldn't mind sharing with others. The response was very impressive, and we assembled about 4,500 objects covering art, archaeology, history, language, literature, music, and modern day representations. The database actually holds over 16,500 files as some of the objects submitted were entire web sites.

Congratulations to Stuart Lee and the whole Woruldhord team!


  1. Anonymous5:59 PM

    I was at the launch event, indeed, because some friends are involved at various levels. I should probably add this to the long list of things I have to write blog posts about... I did have trouble not mentally associating this blog with it though!

  2. Really good work! Thanks a lot.

  3. Loved reading this thaank you