Friday, March 07, 2008

Help ... *gasp* ... me ... *gasp*

Today I begin grading the midterms from three of my classes. I don't even have the mental energy to put together the Morning Medieval Miscellany. Within an hour, my mental capacity will be noticably diminished. By the time lunch rolls around, I'll have difficulty putting together sentences. If I don't take a break, I'll be drooling by sunset. If I were to do something stupid, like try to grade them all straight through, the brain damage would likely be permanent.

If my wife really loved me, she'd have smothered me in my sleep last night to spare me the agony of about 110 sophomore-level essays.

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  1. Doc --

    Yeah, I heard about the HUGELY HUGE line of students in the hallway, all of them waiting to speak with, beg, or bribe you. If you need any help, know that I can draw "F's" very well.