Wednesday, October 08, 2008

You Are a Geek

You are an Anglo-Saxonist geek if you understand this joke one of my minions made yesterday, and a geek on the epic scale if you laugh at it.

Looking at one of the volumes of the ASPR, she said, "Dobbie didn't work on this one; it's just Krapp."



  1. One day my daughter was complaining that "Drout" wasn't a pretty enough last name for her. I happened to have the Exeter Book ASPR volume on my desk.

    "We could change our name to that." I said, pointing to poor Prof. Krapp's name.

    Conversation over.

    (and yes, I laughed aloud and am thus an epic geek. Shocking, I know).

  2. I confess! I laughed!

    Though my favorite is -- about Dobbie: "I hear in this country he is mostly associated with Krapp"

  3. Hee hee...I wear my Geekdom proudly!

  4. Well, I groaned, but that's what I do to all puns, so I suppose it still makes me some sort of subspecies of geek.