Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Lenin dated me

No, not in the romantic sense of dating -- in the sense of "I'm gettin' old" dating. I was re-working a paragraph in this article I'm writing, and I noticed how old the phrase "Leninist critique of Marxism" sounded. Except for Marxists, who today even remembers anything about the Lenin's critique of Marxism? Just Marxists and a few old farts like me.

From now on, I'll try only to refer to ideas found in People magazine, and never an issue from longer than three months ago. I'm going to replace the phrase "Leninist critique of Marxism" with "Nicole Richie's critique of debutantism."


  1. As an IR grad student, I'm familiar with the Leninist critique of Marxism. I'm not so familiar with the "Nicole Richie critique of debutantism" though. :)

  2. Hey, these days, nobody even remembers the Lennonist critique of Marxism...

    "you say you want a revolution..."

    Jeffery Hodges

    * * *