Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Medieval Blogosphere Discourse

By the way, folks, see what I'm talking about in terms of medievalists linking to one another? I'm suddenly seeing here (and on other blogs) an uptick in comments and other activity. Good, thoughtful posts are popping up elsewhere, with folks like Jeff Hodges, Jeff of Quid Nomen Illius, Ancrene Wiseass, Heo Cwaeth, New Kid, Gillian, and Bardiac participating (sorry if I've missed anyone).

By the way, who all is going to the Medieval Congress at Kalamazoo this May? If you're a blogospherian and can make it, don't forget about Elizabeth Carnell's session entitled "Weblogs and the Academy: Internet Presence and Professional Discourse among Medievalists (A Roundtable)." I'll be there, as well as Michael Drout, H.D. Miller, Lisa Spangenberg, Michael Tinkler, and Alison Tara Walker. Since the session is 3:30 on Saturday, we might be able to get together for dinner and/or libations later.


  1. FYI... there was a session on blogging and its place in the discipline at the Society of Biblical Literature meeting last November. The most detailed source of info on what occurred can be found here. Don't know if this will be helpful or interesting in your own prep but it is interesting to see how (relatively) parallel disciplines think about the new media.

  2. I'll be at the Zoo and am planning to come to the session!

    I'm also part of a dark cabal which is plotting a potential blogger meet-up, and will be seeking input over at my place soon.

  3. Oooh! Both dark AND cabalistic! Sounds like fun!

    I was just reminded today that I've got a bright and public dinner Saturday night, though if I drive to K'zoo I can probably cut out early or arrive a bit late if there's a conflict.

  4. I almost never go anywhere ... sigh. So, I won't be leaving Seoul for Kalamazoo ... or Timbuktu.

    I wish that I could, though.

    Jeffery Hodges

    * * *

  5. As an occasional adjunct with no further academic ambitions, I don't go to Kalamazoo anymore. However, if you ever find yourself in our nation's capital, the beer does flow freely in my neighborhood...