Saturday, April 08, 2006

I know I'm a medievalist because...

... I had a dream involving Marie de France and a friendly werewolf (presumably Bisclavret), and I'm not teaching or researching about Marie at the moment.

Eleanor of Aquitane also was a character in this dream, but I can't quite remember her role. I know it must have been Eleanor, though, because she looked like Katharine Hepburn.

So, I'm writing about the Popol Vuh and Lord of the Rings at the moment, reading The Iliad and The Prince, and my dreams are like a Terry Gilliam version of Marie's lais. Yup, I'm a medievalist.


  1. That sounds like one very neat dream.

  2. Cool dream! Love Marie de France. "Lanval" is my favorite lai.

  3. The Lion in Winter is a remarkable film, if an absurdist one, and Hepburn does a good job as Eleanor. Though I still find it disturbing that when I have certain dreams I am never certain whether I am dreaming of Hannibal Lector or Richard the Lionhearted.

  4. Yea? I'll bet you are much more than that.

    I'm a.... I'm a post-medievalista myself.....howzat sound?