Thursday, September 14, 2006

Open Arthuriana Thread 1, Facebook 3

Once again, here I post an open Arthuriana thread. Why the above title, then?

Because I previously posted an Arthuriana open thread, and all of my students who commented did so on the "Notes" feed section of my Facebook page. In other words, they posted only where Troy students could see it.

I originally tried the open thread to experiment in the ways in which the Wordhoard could be used in conjunction with classroom pedagogy. In a sense, the experiment was a success, in that it looks like students are more likely to use Facebook than an open blog page. When I asked them to post to the blog page itself, they stopped commenting on Facebook as well.

Elisabeth Carnell is putting together a blogging session on K'zoo dealing specifically with the issue of blogs and pedagogy. Looks like I'll have something interesting to say after all...

Anyway, anything interesting and Arthurian out there in popular culture, note below.

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  1. heard a story about a cat named Merlin. not sure why he was given this name. perhaps he had no determinable father.