Saturday, May 05, 2007

Where's Nokes-o?

With the 2007 International Congress on Medieval Studies (affectionately known as "K'zoo" by professional medievalists, since it is always held in Kalamazoo, Michigan) coming up, I've been asked by any number of people where I'm likely to be.

I've got a busy schedule this time around, partly because the last two years I've had my trips to K'zoo cut short. This year I plan to be there for the whole shebang, starting with a Thursday lunch and ending with attending a Sunday morning session.

Even so, last year I found a number of people from the blog-o-sphere who wanted to meet me to see if my real-life persona is as sparkling and delightful as my online persona. Here is my schedule of things that are more-or-less written in stone. If someone out there really wants to meet with me at any other time, and we can work it out, I'd be happy to do it!

Thursday: Lunch with my co-editor on Curing Elf-shot and Other Mysterious Maladies: New Scholarship on Old English Charms. Dinner (7:30) -- private function by invitation only, sorry.

Friday: Breakfast (7:30-9:30) , blogger meet-up. If you don't mind the early rise, that's the best chance, because you'll get to meet other medieval bloggers. For more information on that, see Dr. Virago. At 3:30 will be the Weblogs and the Academy roundtable, in Sangren 2210. Dinner that evening will be another private function, by invitation only.

Saturday: Dinner at 6:00 to celebrate the publication of my book Global Perspectives on Medieval Literature, Language, and Culture. Also a private function. Dang, all my dinners are private, aren't they?

Except for all of the above, mostly free. I'll try to get to the Medieval and Early Modern English Studies Association of Korea sessions, as well as some International Boethius Society and Societas Magica events, but I'm going to play it by ear. See you there!


  1. See you at the blogger meet-up!

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