Friday, June 08, 2007

Links o' the Day

Since I've got several things I have to do today, let me offer a set of links today:

Stan Cynedom has a delightful little Middle English poem, along with a discussion of translating a pun in it.

Scribal Terror has some etiquette tips from the 13th Century, including the all-important "Do not attack your enemy while he is squatting to defecate." I'm not sure if that tip is about being civilized, or keeping your enemy's poo off you.

Tiruncula has an image of what appears to be a creepy woodcarving of Grendel -- with some kind of walking stick or magic wand in his hand.

Peter Konieczny over at News for Medievalists lists eleven new articles on He also has two articles arguing that fleas on rats did not spread the Black Death -- though I doubt it will do much to raise the popularity of fleas on rats. He also has an article on a $7 million upgrade to a Medieval Times attraction, as well as an article entitled "Cho's Violent Crusade Ripped from the Middle Ages" both of which I may blog about later. He's had a lot of interesting things of late.

I may have another update later in the day, since I'm tardy with my review of Manolo the Shoeblogger's The Consolation of Shoes and I'm supposed to talk to a reporter today about things medievalist. Still, I have to finish an article I promised The Heroic Age, finish one I promised Coyote Wild, and fix my sprinklers, so we'll see.

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  1. When did Bubonic Plague become the only epidemic disease going around back then?