Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Beowulf and Hunferth

Scott Wegener, the executive producer for Beowulf: Prince of the Geats, was kind enough to send me an image. On the left is the elder Beowulf, and on the right is the elder Unferth (called "Hunferth" in B:PotG). You can find my original post here.

According to the official website, Beowulf is portrayed by Damon Lynch III, and Hunferth by Bob Elkins. Wegener also sent me an image of Beowulf fighting the dragon, but it didn't quite come through the e-mail right, so we might have another image for you later.

By the way, I also found an image of Grendel's Mother ("Helldam") on Deborah Smith Ford's website. Scroll all the way down -- it's the one on the bottom left side.


  1. Wow!! So glad to see the comments
    rolling in, especially from the director himself. I was going to let him know about this site if I didn't see his remarks soon. Happy to see photos submitted as well. And thank you professor for pointing out Helldam on my site, although one has to scroll thru my/Deborah's many other looks to get to the evil one, ha ha.

    By the way, I reread where I wrote
    "include" me concerning your students' papers. I did NOT mean that to read that the students should include me IN their papers, I was just anxious to know their comments as well. Okay, hope that is clarified. :)

    Again, great to see the comments coming in. Thanks for inspiring us to do so.


  2. Confused?
    I accidentally used another email account, so Jadis popped up.
    Jadis is another character I've stolen/portray. She is the Queen of Narnia from the movie of the same name - NARNIA.

    If you're confused, imagine how confused I can get?
    Well, that's another story, nothing
    to do with Beowulf.


  3. Oh, believe me, the students WILL include you in their papers. One of my favorite books to do in Brit Lit is "Frankenstein," because the 1931 version, while excellent, isn't exactly what one would call faithful to the book. Who've tried renting the video in leiu of actually reading the book are generally outed in the first paragraph.

    I expect to receive my first paper from a student who only rented B:PotG by Spring semester 2008 at the very latest.

  4. Hello, just checking in.
    I attend another lookalike convention soon, this one is
    in Orlando, Florida. I will be
    MATRIX'S Trinity.

    I'm curious how the "papers"
    are going concerning BEOWULF:
    anxious to see and hear any BPOG results this fall as far as the movie itself goes. I think I will check their website; that should give us a good indication.

    take care, Helldam/Trinity....