Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Areopagus Lectures Online

The Areopagus Lectures I delivered are now available in audio format online. My own contributions are "Lies I Tell My Daughter: Christian Myth in Modern Culture" and "Warrior Christ: Myth and Masculinity in Depictions of Jesus," though I recommend listening to the others as well.

When I returned from giving the lectures, someone had sent me an e-mail asking me to send him a print copy of my "sermons." I kind of scoffed in my mind that he thought of them as sermons. Listening to them now, though, I realize that after adjusting them for the audience, they do rather sound a bit like sermons. So, sermons or lectures, here they are.

Part of the second lecture relies on visual images that aren't available, so a short bit near the end might not make sense. The sound quality is better than I thought; I had lost my voice, and croaked through both lectures. I guess the microphone had the best seat in the house.

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