Thursday, March 27, 2008

Morning Medieval Miscellany

Here are just a few of the things you don't want to miss:
  • Podictionary talks about the connections between the word affidavit and Alfred the Great. That's news to me, but I affy he's right.
  • Apparently, Charlemagne wasn't the only monarch to keep exotic animals -- the lions at the Tower of London were of a now-extinct species.
  • The Weird Medieval Animal of the Week fights the Weird Medieval Tribe of the Week over at Per Omnia Saecula.
  • Heavenfield tells us about St. Geretrud, and the lost kingdom this month is Lindsey. I have to confess, I find the Lost Kingdom of the Month feature really interesting, moreso than a lit guy has the right to.
  • This has been everywhere already, but just in case you missed it, there's now an English Medieval Legal Documents wiki.
I know there were a lot more things out there I wanted to link to, but Google Reader is acting funny.

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  1. I am envisioning pygmy-crane cage fights, and it is wonderful.