Friday, May 09, 2008

Blogging K'zoo 2008 (Part I)

Here's the schedule of my day so far:

3AM -- Alarm goes off, giving me enough time to get to the bloggers' breakfast. I stand up, and find I have a terrible charlie horse, probably the result of sitting in airplane chairs and sleeping on my parents' sofa. I stretch for about 10 minutes, and realize the charlie horse isn't going away, so I lay back down and try to relax.
4AM -- Leg still hurts, but I decide to grin and bear it. Just as I roll out of bed, I hear the shower start, and realize my sister is in there. I lay back down and wait, eventually falling asleep.
6AM -- I wake up, feeling better, though obviously late. I shower and drive to K'zoo.
10AM -- I arrive in K'zoo (it's only a 2 hour drive, but I cross a time zone). As I'm walking to registration, I see three other medieval bloggers (I can't remember who is anonymous and who isn't, so I'll not name any here). We make plans to meet later. I run into Phil Phillips, and do the same thing. I then register, get my room, and take my bags to my room. This takes a full hour because I keep forgetting to take things to the car. The good news is that all that walking up and down hills has made my leg feel better.
11AM -- I finally make it to a session. Unfortunately, I'm so late that I only hear the last 1 1/2 papers.
Noon -- I'm introduced to a grad student from my old department that I haven't met before. We have lunch together, and gossip about what has changed since I was there.
1:30 -- I go off to a session. On the way there, I see the session presider walking the other way. He tells me the session was cancelled. Dang. I'm about to go find a new session, when I realize two people have been trying to contact me on my cell phone all day. I go back to my room to return calls and plan my assault for this afternoon, and realize that I've got at least 3 sessions at each time that I don't want to miss. Dang again. Also, lots of sessions are at the same time as my own. Triple dang.
2:45 -- I realize my first day is half over, and I've still not attended a single total session. I've let my desire to go to so many sessions transform into not going to any session. I decide to blog about this out of frustration.

So, to recap, the score so far is Socializing 3, Sessions 0.


  1. Missing the sessions and having a "charlie horse"* must be really, really frustrating.

    * I originally was just going to comment about how I've never heard that term before, but I also wanted to empathize. Had to look it up. I have no term that specific in my idiolect. "Ugh, I have a...uh...a cramp in my leg". (Or whatever you may specifically be referring to, since Wikipedia indicated it meant a few related pains)

  2. I would usually say "leg cramp," but my mother said "charlie horse" this morning, a term I was familiar with from the "Operation" board game when I was a kid. I was so charmed by the term that I've been using it all day!

  3. Hmm, knowing your sister well, I'm finding it hard to believe your timeline. Do you expect us to believe that she was out of bed at 4 AM? I can only believe that point if it was because she was just then returning home.
    Plus, what kind of parents make their oldest child sleep on the couch when there are several perfectly good empty beds at their place? Me thinks you have fallen down the favorites list!

  4. Tammi,

    It's possible, too, that she was just getting home, not just getting up. I was giving her the benefit of the doubt.