Saturday, December 06, 2008

Grand Opening at is ready to roll out! Peter Konieczny describes the aims of the site:
[T]he site attempts to cater to anyone interested in the Middle Ages - scholars, students, historical fiction readers, movie buffs, gamers, etc. So you will see all kinds of sections, although most of them are just in an embryonic state. The one big feature so far is that we [...] are developing a database of all online academic articles and theses that deal with the Middle Ages. We make a post for every article, with all the bibliographic info, plus tags which represent subject and geographic headings [....] That way, people can search for articles that deal with Social History or Scotland. So far, we have posted about 300 articles, and we have a list of hundreds more that we can post too! We also are republishing some academic articles where we can get permission to republish them, or if they are out of copyright.

They're looking for more articles to link to, so if you know of any hidden away on professors' homepages, let them know.

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