Thursday, July 02, 2009

Let's Go Shopping for Medieval Clothes!

Anyone who knows me knows that I hate shopping for clothing. I find even virtual shopping for medieval clothing to be a drag.

I've got a $20 gift certificate to Historic Enterprises, and I'm looking to buy something. I'm willing to go as high as $60 total for the right thing -- but I just can't choose! I can't even narrow it down to a few items; I'm all over the place.

I already own the generic Viking outfit (back when I got it, they didn't differentiate between Anglo-Saxon and Viking), and I have a hat to protect my bald pate. Wherever possible, I wear linen rather than wool, because it's a billion degrees in Alabama all the time. Also, I prefer early medieval and northern Europe, but I might mix periods/regions if the overall effect isn't ridiculous.

So, let's go shopping. What should I buy?


  1. Winingas with hooks! Otherwise you will be bare-legged when you go out in your finery.

  2. Did I leave those out? I've already got those.

  3. You need a pair of those tied garters:

    And how can you go wrong with a medieval fanny pack?

  4. Are you set on clothing? Otherwise, how about a stylish napkin and one or two handmade soaps? You can't ever go wrong with good handmade soaps. Or some other of these trinkets: The pilgrim's bag and the cosmetic tool can be used in everyday modern life, too. Or a nice woodblock print to decorate your office... you can even colour it in yourself for relaxation, because coloured prints were all the rage!