Thursday, July 02, 2009

Morning Medieval Miscellany

Welcome to July! Also to kick off this month:
Quid Plura says that General Hospital has a storyline about courtly love. Seriously. It cracks me up when Maxine apparently thinks courtly love is some new sexual position. I've embedded the video below.


  1. A Podcast of Ice and Fire is fan created and has no affiliation with George R R Martin.

  2. Anonymous7:57 AM

    News for Medievalists has a story about the remains of a medieval castle found in a tunnel excavation in Basque. If I'm reading the image right, was the castle basically inside that tunnel?

    I wondered the same thing, as well as exactly how much of a tunnel this given the frequent use of the word `pass'. The somewhat incoherent Wikipedia page and the pages it links to (I confess, I didn't read the Basque ones) suggest that (b) it really is a fully-enclosed tunnel, at least for part of the route, but that (a) the fortress that is known stood above the north entrance, so outside. That seems more likely to me as I'm not sure exactly how you distinguish a `castle' inside a hill from any other sort of cave dwelling. How do you fortify it, exactly? And so on. Still, maybe they've found something extra I haven't anticipated. I hope there's some English publication of the finds, or even Spanish.