Thursday, May 12, 2011

Patricia Bracewell, "Royal Hostage"

We're doing brisk traffic here at the Witan Publishing book at Kalamazoo, and one of the nice things about being set in a central location is that I'm getting to meet everyone I know.

In addition to seeing old friends, I'm meeting new. I just met historical fiction author Patricia Bracewell, who is currently working on a book entitled Royal Hostage about Emma of Normandy.

Patricia Bracewell and me ... and some poor woman accidentally photobombing us.


  1. I like "Patricia Bracewell" for her writing. I can't stay behind for her new book "Royal Hostage"

  2. Professor Nokes,
    My book "Royal Hostage" now has a new title: THE SHADOW ON THE CROWN, and that may change again. It has been picked up by Viking (Penguin). No release date as yet, but I'll get back to you when I know more details. (!!!)