Thursday, September 11, 2008

Harry, Come Home!

This blog has a much greater readership outside Troy than in Troy, but I promised my son I'd get the word out:

Our dog Harry went missing on Tuesday. We had just given him a bath -- he's had a mange problem since we got him from the animal rescue a few years ago, and he needs a special shampoo -- and so, after the bath, he wasn't wearing his collar. Therefore, the missing dog is mangy and without a collar; he'll look just like a stray without an owner.

He hasn't been brought into the local vets, nor has the city found him, so we're relying on the kindness of strangers. If you've seen him, beyond my gratitude, we're offering a reward.

I don't have any good digital photos of Harry -- most of them have him looking away like in this post -- but he's a very normal-looking Jack Russell terrier, white with brown spots, and with a few thin spots in his hair.

Just to give you a sense of the mood around our house, imagine my son in the position of Charlie Brown in this video.


  1. Anonymous1:28 PM

    Aw. I hope your puppy-dog comes home. =( I'll keep an eye out in my neighborhood for stray dogs. There's always a bunch over here.

  2. Scott, as you know I'm nowhere near Troy, but I'm so sorry the little bugger got out. I know if one my puggers went missing (or my St. Bernard when I was a wee lad), I'd be a very sad camper, a bit attached to the monsters. So here's to hoping he makes it back soon!

  3. Anonymous1:47 PM

    I had the book Snoopy, Come Home when I was a girl, and it always made me cry. I hope your son's not that sad! And I hope Harry comes home soon.

  4. Anonymous3:33 PM

    If you don't have any religious conflicts about this, perhaps you could ask Odin (in Old English or Old Norse) to bring him back safe & sound, once in the morning and once at night, for a week, say.

  5. Oh no! Oh how my heart goes out to you and your family. I often worry about Pippi getting away when she has her training collar on but not her collar with the tags. She's microchipped, but often every day people don't think, "Ah, this dog might be microchipped -- I better take it to a vet or shelter to find out."

    I hope Harry finds his way home!

  6. Anonymous6:57 PM

    Oh, my kids would be crushed if our Daisy went missing. I hope Harry comes home soon!!

  7. I'm so sorry =( I am sending out many puppeh-come-home vibes.